Factoring Services

Factoring-ServicesThe Factoring industry is a very specialized field. Those in the industry understand that most people have no idea what factoring is and how it works. Although factoring has been around in some form or another for centuries this is an industry whose specifics is not understood by anyone outside of it.

BlueTech IT Solutions has over 10 years of experience working within the factoring industry. We understand factors, asset based lenders, PO financiers, small ticket factors, import-export financing and other forms of receivables based lending. We have hands on experience implementing and working with the most popular factoring/asset based lenders softwares on the market today; FactorSQL, Factorsoft, Factorfox and WinFactor. We provide consulting for anyone looking to get into the factoring industry or existing factors who are looking to improve their operations and provide their clients with essential services that will seperate them from their competition. In this industry everyone sells the same thing, cash, and for about the same cost, it's your service that will make you stand out.

Our services include the following:

  • Software consulting, we will help you decide the factoring software that is the best fit for your company based on your budget, portfolio size, expected growth, number of employees and current computer systems.

  • Software Implementation and configuration, although many software providers do offer fee based telephone support packages your company might not have the IT/technical personnel to understand the requirements and implement the software correctly. BlueTech has the experience in these implementations and can install and configure your software (clients, rate tables, reports etc.) for a fraction of the cost of your software providers on-site support. We speak their language and can work with your vendors to set up your software as per your requirements and ready to run in a production environment.

  • Operations Consulting, our experience in factoring operations and information systems allows us to provide our clients with proven procedures and best business practices consulting to streamline your operations and help avoid fraud by implementing solid policies and procedures and workflow. In factoring service is the key, we can hep you gain that competitive edge.

  • Security Consulting, although this is a small industry by comparison to others the competition is fierce. Some factors will do anything to gain a competitive edge, do not allow lax operational policies and weak security to make it easy for anyone to steal your clients sensitive information. Clients rely on you with very important financial information about their companies and trust that you safeguard it, data loss/theft can seriously hurt your reputation and cause you to lose clients. BlueTech can help your company secure it's data from hackers and careless employees. We can implement several layers of security at the operational, sales and technology level to reduce your exposure and offer your clients piece of mind, a crucial selling point when competing for business.

  • Custom Reports, although most factoring softwares have fairly good basic reporting sometimes you need more than what is offered out of the box. Some vendors offer extended reporting capabilities as an add on module to create your own custom reports, the problem is that it is an additional cost and complex to learn these add-ons. We can help extend the basic reporting functions of your existing or new software by adding custom queries and reports for you to be able to manipulate data to create more detailed or special project reports. The more information you can provide your lender, auditors or clients without tedious manual intervention the more you can distinguish yourself from your competition and focus on growing your business.

  • Custom Applications, Some companies cannot find everything they need for their operations from some of the out of the box software that is available on the market. These companies have specific functions, reporting needs, require custom contact management built into the application, web integration etc. If your company wants to have a custom built application that fits their specific business model's need BlueTech can help. Whether it be a full invoice tracking application or an add on component for a specific department or business we can create a web or desktop application to give you exactly what you want.

  • Network Infrastructure Management, we can provide consultation, implementation or management for your computer network or information systems. Being that we understand factors and the factoring industry we understand our clients Information Technology needs for this industry. BlueTech can provide you with network setup, server installations, data recovery, server migrations, collaboration systems to facilitate operations and solutions to general computer issues and virus removals. Our certified technicians believe in a proactive approach to keeping your systems running efficiently and detecting potential problems before they occur. We can provide prompt, professional and quality work to minimize your down time. In this industry, time is money, and your clients rely on your funding so they can operate. Down time or loss of services can be catastrophic to both your company and your clients.


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