Services-imageWe understand that most people dread dealing with computers and only want to know what they need to get their work done and not worry about all other aspects. We understand and sit with you and listen to what your needs are and we will design and implement the correct solution. Every business is different and there is no one size fits all, we can help weed through the confusion for those that are not technically savy.

BlueTech IT Solutions provides Information Technology services and consulting, we strive to be the only company you need to hire to get the job done and done correctly. Our motto "Get IT right now. Get IT right later" sums up our commitment to our clients.


BlueTech offers the following services:





Computer Networks & Security  (Mac & Windows)

We provide design, configuration and connection of office networks (LAN), office to office networks (WAN) and wireless networks (Microsoft windows or Apple's Mac). We will design a new network, reconfigure an existing network or just monitor and administer your existing network according to your specific needs. We work with your existing hardware when possible to reduce the cost to you. BlueTech can easily integrate Mac OS X and other apple devices like iphone and ipad into your existing windows network. Every clients needs are different, we can advise what would be a best fit for your budget, company size or demands at no additional cost.

Once your network is up and running you want to make sure it is safe from hackers, viruses, spyware and trojan horses. Your goal is to keep anyone out that doesn't belong on your network, keep your sensitive data safe and to make sure users are only accessing what they need to perform their job. Most security vaulnerabilities arise from within and from inexperienced or careless users. Make sure you have a network that is less vaunerable to these situations. BlueTech can establish a security policy that fits the needs of your business or home by implementing safegaurds through software, hardware or a combination of both. Your data is your business, don't sacrifice it over a few dollars.

Wireless Networks & Wireless Hotspots

Wireless networks are a great solution where wiring is not possible, not convenient or not visually appealing. Your network can be completely or partially wireless (ex. Laptops, tablets, printers..). Todays wireless technology is very fast compared to just a few years ago and you can stream video, music, large files and much more over a wireless network quickly and efficiently.

Wireless hotspots are areas covered by a wireless internet connection to allow several mobile device users to connect their devices (phone, tablet, laptop etc) to the internet. Hotspots can be found in places like a restaurant, cafe, street festivals, bookstore, marina, rv campsite, hotel, hospitals, universities and parts of metropolitan/rural areas. Todays retail and private establishments are providing wireless hotspots to their customers for convenience and to gain a competitive advantage.  Some businesses provide this as a free service while others supplement their income with a pay service. Whatever your need we have the right solution for you.

All wireless devices are not the same and there are several obstacles to achieving good connectivity and speed in your entire coverage area. BlueTech IT Solutions can design and implement a complete wireless hotspot which will be reliable, proactively managed  for loss of wireless signal and provide strong connection for all your users.

Online Data Back-Up & Recovery

BlueTech can assist you in implementing an array of data back-up options, from daily back-ups to hourly back-ups on NAS, SAN or the Cloud (the preferred method). BlueTech's recommended choice is their managed cloud backup service which provides you with a proactive  online backup solution to safely backup and restore data from your servers, laptops or workstations. No matter what you decide you should always have at least one back-up solution in place at a minimum to protect your valuable data.

Should your computer or server crash or suffer some unforseen hardware/software failure we can recover your data from your existing back-up or your hard-drive and restore your operations quickly. We offer Emergency Recovery Service.


Virtualization is a method of running multiple independent virtual operating systems on a single physical computer.  It is a way of maximizing physical resources to maximize the investment in hardware.  One physical server can appear as several running different Operating Systems (Windows Server, SharePoint Server, Web Server etc.) and Software for your users. This slashes the majority of hardware acquisition and maintenance costs that can result in significant savings for any company or organization. Virtualization is not just limited to servers, you can virtualize your entire infrastructure including workstations and data storage systems.

BlueTech can assist you in levaraging your existing Hardware and reducing operational and IT costs.

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Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is Microsoft's corporate email solution, Exchange Server was designed to effectively and efficiently share information. More organizations use Exchange for e-mail-based collaboration than any other software on the market today. Not only is Exchange reliable and secure, is it also highly scalable. Whether administering On Site Exchange servers or providing a best of breed Hosted Exchange solution, BlueTech uses best business practices to optimize this powerful collaboration tool for small to mid-size businesses.

SharePoint Server/Services

Microsoft SharePoint Services helps teams stay connected and productive by providing easy access to the people, documents, and information that they need to make well-informed decisions and get work done. This web browser based product allows companies to facilitate document sharing, provides a central location for important documents (faxes, e-mails etc..), requires no software installation on the users PC (so it can be used on PC's and Mac's) and allows departments to track progress and stay organized.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides a single, integrated location where employees can efficiently collaborate with team members, find organizational resources, search for experts and corporate information, manage content and workflow, and leverage business insight to make better-informed decisions.

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Remote Access

In today' business climate working from the office can sometimes be a hindrance. Remote access is a way of having full acess to your office data and programs while being on the road, home or at a clients site. All that is needed is an internet connection and you can work from anywhere just as if you were sitting at your desk. BlueTech can configure your PC or network for remote access and establish the appropriate security policy to keep unauthorized users out.

Computer Maintenenance & Repair

Let's be clear, computers fail all the time! Some times it's just a matter of time and sometimes it's poor maintenance. BlueTech can repair your damaged computer quickly and keep them running smoothly with scheduled maintenance. We can get your unit up in no time so your users can continue to work and do it with limited interruption. We will also give you an honest assesment to help you determine if it's worth the cost to repair your hardware.

Web Design

Is your business on the web or have you wanted to be?

A Web presence is as important today for any business as having business cards. Your customers need a place where they can go quickly and ascertain as much information about your business as possible. There are also several web marketing ideas that can be genereated through your website. BlueTech can design and build your website from the ground up according to the goals and needs of your business. Whether you want a simple static page with your company information or a full fledged e-commerce site BlueTech can do it for you. We will assist you in planning and designing your website according to the best practices for search engine rankings. Don't let your competitors have the edge, get your business on the World Wide Web now.  and PHP Custom Applications 

  • Ever think that it would be nice to automate everyday tasks?
  • Wish you had a program to facilitate your business operations?
  • Cannot find an out of the box software that fits your specific business?
  • Want to have your customers access their information via the internet?

We can design and create custom applications specific to your business or needs for a fraction of the cost. We can recomend web or Desktop solutions that will reduce your costs, management overhead and manpower. We specialize in & Applications which are fast, flexible, powerful and secure. We also specialize in PHP web programming for open source development and a reduced cost of web applications.

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We offer software and troubleshooting training for business and home users. BlueTech can assist in educating your employees in various software programs and how to determine and correct minor issues that can help keep your business running without loss of resources.

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Software/Hardware Installation

Got new software to install?
We can install and configure all kinds of software for single user or multi-user environments so you don't have to spend hours or even days trying to get it to work.

Need to upgrade your computer or add a new piece of hardware (soundcard, videocard, DVD-ROM, Hard-Drive etc..)?
BlueTech will install, configure and fine tune your new hardware for optimum performance with your computer.