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Computer Networks & Security  (Mac & Windows)

We provide design, configuration and connection of office networks (LAN), office to office networks (WAN) and wireless networks (Microsoft windows or Apple's Mac). We will design a new network, reconfigure an existing network or just monitor and administer your existing network according to your specific needs. We work with your existing hardware when possible to reduce the cost to you. BlueTech can easily integrate Mac OS X and other apple devices like iphone and ipad into your existing windows network. Every clients needs are different, we can advise what would be a best fit for your budget, company size or demands at no additional cost.

Once your network is up and running you want to make sure it is safe from hackers, viruses, spyware and trojan horses. Your goal is to keep anyone out that doesn't belong on your network, keep your sensitive data safe and to make sure users are only accessing what they need to perform their job. Most security vaulnerabilities arise from within and from inexperienced or careless users. Make sure you have a network that is less vaunerable to these situations. BlueTech can establish a security policy that fits the needs of your business or home by implementing safegaurds through software, hardware or a combination of both. Your data is your business, don't sacrifice it over a few dollars.