Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks & Wireless Hotspots

Wireless networks are a great solution where wiring is not possible, not convenient or not visually appealing. Your network can be completely or partially wireless (ex. Laptops, tablets, printers..). Todays wireless technology is very fast compared to just a few years ago and you can stream video, music, large files and much more over a wireless network quickly and efficiently.

Wireless hotspots are areas covered by a wireless internet connection to allow several mobile device users to connect their devices (phone, tablet, laptop etc) to the internet. Hotspots can be found in places like a restaurant, cafe, street festivals, bookstore, marina, rv campsite, hotel, hospitals, universities and parts of metropolitan/rural areas. Todays retail and private establishments are providing wireless hotspots to their customers for convenience and to gain a competitive advantage.  Some businesses provide this as a free service while others supplement their income with a pay service. Whatever your need we have the right solution for you.

All wireless devices are not the same and there are several obstacles to achieving good connectivity and speed in your entire coverage area. BlueTech IT Solutions can design and implement a complete wireless hotspot which will be reliable, proactively managed  for loss of wireless signal and provide strong connection for all your users.